What’s surprised you the most about the pandemic?

What’s surprised you the most about the pandemic?

There’s studies that show that people believe conspiracies because it’s more comforting to think that there’s a plan – even if it’s an evil plan out to get you – rather than facing the reality that no-one knows what they’re doing, no-one really wants to work together unless it suits their own personal goals, and everyone nominally in charge is basically just running about waving their arms in the air throwing shit at the wall until something sticks.

Once you internalise this knowledge, it’s a little terrifying at first but then everything (no matter how crazy) makes sense.

The other way to do this is to watch The Thick Of It (for the UK) and In The Loop (for cross-Atlantic) and you’ll see a toned down, less stupid version of how the world is run.

Really, it amazing we still have running water.

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